Initial Assessment and Therapeutic Contract

Initial Assessment and Therapeutic Contract

Initial Assessment

The purpose of the initial assessment is for the therapist to gain knowledge about the client, such as personal details, the reasons for coming to therapy or counselling, the focus and objectives of what the client would like to achieve from therapy or counselling.  It allows the client to explore what therapy is and a chance to get to know the therapist before committing to any further work together.  

It is also an opportunity to discuss the counselling contract in detail, including time boundaries, costs and cancellation procedures.  

Counselling Contract

The Therapy Space offers counselling services to help and support you to talk about anything which you may feel confusing or painful.  The counsellor offers a non-judgemental, honest and respectful environment where you can explore your feelings with an empathetic, impartial and trained listener.  

The therapeutic relationship is a joint commitment to explore your feelings, thoughts and personal experiences to help you move forward to improve your own well-being. 

Copies of the initial assessment and the counselling contract are available on request should you wish to read through them before attending an initial assessment.