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The Therapy Space 

The Therapy Space offers a calm, empathic and safe environment for individuals and couples to work through their issues.  

I am a qualified Person Centred Counsellor and Relationship Therapist and a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist (MBACP - 00795815). I specialise in a number of areas of counselling and support within a safe, confidential and empathic environment.

When working with individuals or couples in therapy, it is important to see each person as unique. We each have our own way of thinking, behaving and experiencing. Although some of us may say we have had similar or the same experience, each person sees this experience from their own perspective and is often based on their own values, beliefs, experiences or the injected values of others.

The Therapy Space can offer support to facilitate you in the exploration of your personal history, values and beliefs and other areas that can affect your life such as, family or social systems. The aim is to support you, as a client, to help you understand your circumstances and make positive changes at your own pace.

Combining both Systemic Therapy and Person Centred Therapy can help you to understand where some of your issues originate and help towards making positive changes and gaining personal growth.

The Counselling Process

Initial Assessment

Before any therapeutic relationship can take place, it is important to go through an assessment to see if the approach The Therapy Space offers is suitable to your needs. This will be done in an initial telephone or video conference session, lasting no longer than 30 minutes and is free of charge.

The assessment will document your personal details, such as your name, date of birth, medical history and your reasons for counselling and will look at a focus you would like to work towards.

During the assessment the boundaries within the therapeutic relationship will be discussed and agreed upon, for example the limits to confidentiality.

It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about therapy and for the therapist to find out more about you and what your needs are.

The Counselling Contract 

Once you decide counselling is the right path for you, we will go through the counselling contract together.

The Person-Centred Approach

The Person-Centred Approach is a non-directive approach and originated from the idea the client is the expert on their own life, (Carl Rogers). The approach focuses on a genuine, empathic, non-judgemental approach to help you bring areas of your life which may have been denied, distorted or avoided to the surface at your own pace, to help you consider and understand them.

The Person-centred approach encourages growth by offering a therapeutic relationship where you are free from threat, physically and psychologically with an empathetic, accepting and genuine therapist. Supporting you in feeling safe enough to be open to your experiences and to address areas of your life which may be painful, and promote your own personal growth.

The Systemic Therapy

Systemic Therapy, like the name suggests, looks at your systems or the structure of your relationships and how these have an impact on your behaviour and relationships with others. Systemic therapy looks to support you to understand yourself and your social connections. One of the tools used in therapy is asking systemic questions with the intention of gently challenging or questioning your beliefs, expectations and roles you may have for yourself or for those around you.

Social systems can be complicated, and just as everyone is unique, the systems we are part of are also unique. Each system has a different set of rules, ways to behave, opinions, morals and beliefs and when two or more systems are mixed together sometimes relationships can become fraught.
Systemic Therapy can support you in improving your understanding of others and can focus on the reason you may react in certain ways.

The therapy aims to support you in recognising negative patterns of behaviour and working with you to find solutions.

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